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The changing face of book design

Publishing in the UK is developing rapidly and so it is vital that our workforce develops too. As digital innovation continues to drive growth and as publishers gain access to increasing amounts of data, the skills required are changing and new job functions and departments are springing up across all forms of publishing.

(snippet from The London Book Fair website)



Modern book design dates back to the early 1890s and William Morris’s Kelmscott Press. The books were expensive but beautiful. Morris designed his own typefaces, made his own paper and printed the books by hand. They were designed to be read slowly, to be appreciated and treasured, making an implicit statement about the ideal relationships between reader, text and author.

A century later and the next invention to change the design world so dramatically was the Macintosh computer. Introduced in 1983 it was the first mass market computer specifically made with the creative person in mind. With its graphical user interface, integrated graphics software (MacWrite & MacPaint) and postscript fonts they allowed a designer to not only typeset copy but to lay out pages ready for print, marking the end of Exacto knives, hot wax and galley type. HL Studios was there from these early beginnings and is proud to be amongst the first UK studios to use them as standard.

As the internet evolved from the early 1990’s increased speed and bandwidth has given designers a whole new media platform to create for. The bulk of a professional designer’s work is now either for the web or application UI elements, all of which will be viewed and experienced through a variety of media devices giving designers ever more creative opportunities.

For the millions of people browsing bookshops and websites today in search of the perfect read and the years of research into design and emotional response, the age old adage ‘never judge a book by its cover’ has never been so irrelevant!


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Realistic 3D Paintings Of Aquatic Life

from The Graphic Design Blog.

Worth a follow for the fabulous examples of artwork that crop up from time to time.

This artist begins by painting the fish (using acrylics). He tries to use as little paint as possible, then pours resin into the bowl and continues to illustrate it layer by layer to create a sense of depth; thus creating the illusion of the fish swimming in water. I want the bucket of goldfish for my house, my cat would love them!

Realistic 3D Paintings 1
Realistic 3D Paintings 2
Realistic 3D Paintings 3
Realistic 3D Paintings 4
Realistic 3D Paintings 5
Realistic 3D Paintings 6
Realistic 3D Paintings 7
Realistic 3D Paintings 8
Realistic 3D Paintings 9
Realistic 3D Paintings 10
Realistic 3D Paintings 11
Realistic 3D Paintings 12
Realistic 3D Paintings 13
Realistic 3D Paintings 14

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